Objectives and Themes

PTBI Symposium 2017 showcases current research in bioinformatics and computational biology. The objectives of the conference are to promote high-quality research in the field and provide an opportunity for networking. We seek submissions that are relevant to the following themes:

  • metabolic network modeling and analysis
  • prediction of protein and RNA structures
  • biomolecular sequence analysis
  • analysis of genetic variations
  • microarray data analysis
  • comparative genomics
  • genetic networks
  • phylogenetics
  • protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions
  • comparison and evaluation of 3D structures
  • modeling and prediction of gene patterns
  • mass spectrometry data analysis
  • bioinformatics databases
  • gene classification
  • systems biology
  • and other related topics.

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Meet the Speakers

X PTBI Symposium will feature Special Sessions with keynote presentations given by:

Invited Speakers

Maciej Komosinski

Poznan University of Technology, Poland
"Undirected evolution of simulated stick creatures"

Thomas Villmann

Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, Germany
"Classification and pattern recognition in bioinformatics by prototype-based machine learning models"

Distinguished Speakers

Jacek Blazewicz

"Bioinformatics for RNA world theory"

Dirk Labudde

"Watson meets Watson"

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For any further information contact us at:
Email: ptbi2017@cs.put.poznan.pl